mr. zilla goes to town

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

making a case

Today on the walk to the metro, in the pouring rain, I watched a woman on the other side of the street taking her big white poodle for a walk. The poodle, not the woman, was wearing a red white and blue doggy raincoat. The woman was soaking wet and had to stop 3 times in 2 blocks behind her soggy straining mutt to pick up fresh piles of poodle poo.

Looking for proof the US faked the moon landings?


Tuesday, May 13, 2003

breakfast in america


Its thirteen past the hour here on Fox and we're talking with Wayne LaPierre about his excellent new book, "Guns, Freedom and Terrorism."

Well John, just as freedom of speech is one of
our basic and fundamental rights, so is the right to own
a gun and protect your family against the terrorist coming
through your front door.


You're watching BBC World News. There has been a devestating bomb blast in a compound for foreign workers in Riyadh. We'll now cross to our reporter on the scene for more information.


- That was Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association.

- Can you believe it Sue? Danny Glover recently conducted an interview with a Brazilian magazine - as if anyone would read it - abusing President Bush, calling him a racist. What is wrong with him?

- You know I definitely agree, John. He's a lovely actor and I really like his movies, why is he ruining that for us all by criticising President Bush? It's not really appropriate for him to do that.


- That was our reporter with the lastest developments in Saudi Arabia. Earlier I spoke with Professor [ ] from [a middle east university]:

- I think that while the Saudi regime tolerates no dissent, the only language that can be spoken is violence. America and Britain have both reinforced this through their own displayed preference for violent means in Iraq.


And now here's one minute of some footage of that circus clown Michael Moore giving a speech. We won't bother you with the audio of his speech because you don't want to hear it anyway. But trust us, he really is foolish. I mean, just look at what he's wearing!

- Can you believe that Disney has agreed to provide some funding for his next movie? I think that's terrible.

- You know Sue our Fox 401(k) has some shares in Disney. I'm not so sure about I want to be a part of that anymore!


Now I'm not saying Fox News is perfect, but the BBC really need to get with the program. They should focus on the really important issues, and do it in a way that's fair and impartial. Fox's motto is "We Report, You Decide". What could be more fair and balanced than having a catchphrase like that?