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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean

(Hybrid's micromediamogul remix)

"All right ye bunch o manky sea-dogs, which of ye's got the laptop computer?"


"Huuar, isn't she a pretty one. But has she got the eight-oh-two-point-one-one-bee firewalled wireless?"

"ahrrhar, sir!"

"Good work, first mate. Now who got the spyware-free kazaa-lite?"

"Aye captain! Did the interrogatin' with me very own cutlass!"

"Well don't just stand there man, get it into the crows nest! All we've gat on board is 'A Walk in Blackbeard's Forest', that'll never do for four week's hard sailin! Traktor studio mixing software?"

"Ahrhr cap'n, stole it clear, but in the tropical air it'll be salted over within the month!"

"A month? Shiver me timbers, we'll sail into fortune or infamy long before that, lad! Now, what about the Indigo dual-channel-output type II PC bus card with sub-30 millisecond latency?"

"Uh.. its...its on order sir!"

"On order! What kind o' pirate do ye call yeself? Plunder, boy, PLUNDER! Don't be orderin no vapourware and expect stay on this crew! Keep that in mind next time, we'll sail with the Gigaport! And who's got them monitor headphones?"


"Ayeaye! Sorry cap'n!"

"Ye'll monitor when I tell ye and not a minute before! Bosun, I want ten stripes on that mongrel's back before sundown!"

"Aye cap'n!"

"Sea-Crane hun'red milly-amp FM transmitter with pieces o' eigth-inch input?"

"Aye, ready and loaded capn!"

"Ready? Blast and damn, look at this! For all the good its doing we might as well hang it round my throat! Gimme them secret treasure map instructions from the web what tells us how to hack it!"

"b-b-b-b-but cap'n, what about Admiral Powell? 'Is FCC armada were sighted by Jack Sparrow off Congress Point last week-"

"Gah! Cowardly insubordination! Nail that man's foot to the deck! And throw the rest o'him to the sharks! Avast, strap on your lead codpieces and buckle your swashes, crew. And never you mind that son-of-a-mincing-fop Powell, we've got to overload these 'ere transmitter cannons if we've a chance at revenge should we run across my old nemesis, Murdoch the black-hearted pirate king. We're steerin' straight for the thousand islands of the Clear Channel, there's
defenceless towns ripe for raiding and booty aplenty for all!

"Raise the anchor!

"Recharge the batteries!

"Pass me that screwdriver... we're sailing for riches and glory!"


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