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Monday, September 15, 2003


One of the first things that hit me visually when I arrived here was how just about all the low-paid service jobs around seemed to be held by black (and only black) people. It felt doubly reinforced when both the expensive sporting games I've been to (ice hockey and baseball) seemed to be attended by an almost exclusively white crowd.

For hockey at least though its a matter of history rather than income; ice hockey's traditional fanbase are toothless working class canucks. More recently I've discovered that one of DC's local nicknames is Chocolate City. A (black) taxi driver told me that DC is actually one of the best US cities economically for blacks to live in, and that the degree of social integration - in working and social activities, if not neighbourhoods - is almost unheard of elsewhere in the US.

Sometimes first impressions are just onion skin I guess.

Hue and Cry on 'Whiteness Studies' - An Academic Field's Take on Race Stirs Interest and Anger


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