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Monday, October 13, 2003

The beginning of the beginning

Unfortunately I'm not getting the time at the moment to get the mostly-written stuff I have pasted up here. It's all a bit lost somewhere in a Bermuda Triangle of drinking, linking, and thinking. I'm working on a commissioned piece to explain the California election result, but crack squad of Latino guerilla painters invaded my house on the weekend and potentially contaminated the results from the friday night field work downtown. The paint fumes sure as hell tripled my hangover...

In the meantime here's another "hey, check this out" -

Foolish evil-genius mad scientists in nearby North Carolina have devised a dangerous escalation in the monkey-poo-throwing capabilities of America's monkeys.

Sweet mercy, do scientists never consider the consequences of their research? I predict this development will lead to two seismic globo-strategic and socio-industrial paradigm shifts:

0. No, monkeys are not going to imprison all humanity within an artificial reality simulation to enable them to harvest our bodies' bio-electrical energy. Jeez, move on, people!

1. But it will create a unipoolar imbalance as US monkeys impose hegemonic control over the hemisphere through their cyber-kinesis, overtaking Africa to become the monkey world's greatest ever puthropower; and

2. "Miss Bubbles, take a letter..."


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