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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Slug slidin' away

In Washington, slugs do not talk.

Slugs do not ask to change the radio station.

Slugs do not offer money, gifts, or tokens of appreciation, nor are they ever requested.

Sometimes slugs are almost killed by maniacal Czechs, and sometimes slugs are snatched out of turn.

They kinda sound like great pets... or maybe housemates... except they write awful, awful poetry.

This is another fine example of a neo-collectivism that at times emerges quixotically out of observed American hyper-individualism. The other that springs to mind are the newspaper dispensing boxes on every street corner in the city. These are twenty-five cents to a dollar to open, after which you could take one copy or a dozen. But why take a dozen? I stood watching the row of 10 boxes one day at Dupont and not a single person took more than one paper. There are bonds of trust, both shallow and deep, you just have to catch them out the corner of your eye as the workweek swing flies back and forth.


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