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Friday, November 21, 2003

When Penguins Attack

I am filled with a deep and great joy to see that Berkeley Breathed is getting back in the harness, if only weekly.

His whimsically personal and surreal expositions on Reagan era politics captured me completely at a young age. It all made such sense to me, even as a child, that the 1984 Meadow Party (ie Democratic) Presidential Candidate was Bill, a furball-spitting, tongue-twanging, and often dead cat, supported ably by his VP nominee - a bow-tied, tuba-playing, often mystified, occasionally mistaken for Michael Jackson, stubby penguin named Opus.

Oliver Wendell Holmes... Milo... Milo's anxiety closet... Portnoy the hamster... Steve Dallas... Binkley... Rosebud the SDI-deployable orbital Basselope... what a cast. I wonder if they all feel like the Star Trek crew when they returned from nowhere for another series. (Or was it the movie?)

It is certainly going to change buying each Sunday's 12-lb Washington Post from occasional to anticipated.


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