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Monday, January 19, 2004

... and just because I never ever get around to putting any of this kind of detail into this weblog...

the rest of the weekend included beers at the book launch of WorldWatch's State of the World 2004 , some raccoon-red bock at Bethesda's Rock Bottom Brewery, an attempt to get to Nation to see a DJ set by Hybrid, which was diverted (once we realised that we'd missed our midnight cutoff for our guestlist half price entry) to Dragonfly for some large and generous drinks, almost excellent interior design, and mostly twee house remixes of a bunch of awfully forgettable 70s and 80s tunes.

There was also a jaunt through the International Spy Museum, awfully overpriced in a city where every one of the Smithsonian's 15-odd museums is always free, including the Washington National Zoo, where in the Reptile House on Saturday afternoon, we had a private snake-handling opportunity (oh, shush) with kind thanks to Chris.

We also made Suzy's day with the find of the century at Silver Spring's Burlington Coat Factory outlet, had an appointment at the neighbourhood art house theatre the Avalon with Dr Strangelove, dinner at regular haunt Nooshi, which is kind of like the Sammy's Kitchen of 19th Street but without the surly service, and some fine malty lager at downtown dc's Gordon Biersch Brewery.

Unfortunately, my workplace doesn't observe the most pinko public holiday on the US calendar, Martin Luther King Jr Day, or we'd still be out and about. I guess this is somewhat grossly appropriate though, in light of our current government's policy on those horrible brown-skinned, hunger-striking, lip-sewing, opportunistic ingrates living off the Commowealth's largesse up there in Nauru.


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