mr. zilla goes to town

Saturday, January 24, 2004

the internet is dangerous.

To date I've been able to resist all the inbox sales pitches for penis-enlargement pills and respectable honourable gentlemen in Nigeria asking my assistance to help them with all those TEN MILLION DOLLARS UNITED STATES currency transfers. I think I'll still be iron-willed in my resistance when one day soon these two fields of spammers join forces, and start direct-marketing to me enormous Nigerian penises held in cryogenic trust accounts in Burkina Faso due to the untimely death of the former finance minister of Zaire in the Paris Hilton, fortunately caught on tape and available for just $14.99.

But sweet mercy, I'm not made of stone. And I have a real concern that this place is going to make me empty my bank account into theirs and beg for more. And thanks to a certain excellent and helpful f__king idiot in Canberra pointing another site out, before long I'll be selling my housemates' TVs and shoes to fund the habit from here.


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