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Sunday, January 11, 2004


At just $35 for a return bus ticket, and the promise of accommodation with friends of friends, five days in New York over new years were just too good to pass up.

Rather than freezing our arses off all night to watch the ball drop, we were put on ice for just a couple of hours waiting in line to get into Club Avalon to see Jimmy Van M, Sasha and Digweed. Avalon, formerly known as Limelight, is a fantastically reconditioned old church in midtown, about 20 blocks south of Times Square. The queueing was just getting tired when some entrpreneurial lads sold us some brown-bag budweiser to drink in the street. The chilly pre-club chill out was completely forgotten when one short skirted young lady, for whom the wait had become interminable, tried to work her wiles with the bouncer to cut the queue. But her boasts about her bust didn't quite pay off: the hilariously sassy New York bouncer responded by turning to us just behind them in the line and asking my friend Sean to compare hers and her friend, and if he deemed the complainant's tracts superior (as she had boasted) he would let them go ahead. These girls promptly revealed almost-all... Sean had to concur... and the bouncer let the cut in ahead -- by three places. Marcello, help me sort out the cattle, please...

When we walked in Jimmy was playing lusciously funk fuelled house beats until Sasha took over with a ball-dropping intro that would have put Dick Clark to shame. As one would expect he had every awesome track you've never heard, and by 1am he was in some dark and irresistible territory. But to be honest, by later in the evening (around 3), I just got the feeling while watching he was just slapping down tracks and flipping over the crossfader. Not the kind of effort or enthusiam from the man I would have hoped for, seeing a security manager in the club told us that Sasha was picking up a cool US $75,000 for the gig. I guess for that kind of money, year and and year out, anything could feel like work...?

John Digweed was actually located in the Avalon's sister club in Los Angeles and came in via transmission a little after 3am. What was supposed to be a three hour set from him seemed to hit a technical wall as Sasha was back on the decks from about 4 with some real grinding acidic techno - both to give grins to the gurners and scare away home the beautiful people I suspect.

Next: the rest of the NYC adventures...


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