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Monday, January 19, 2004

the other washington spin cycle

I've got a fair bit of superstitious Irish blood in me, courtesy of my mum's side. I think that's where I have the strong inclination to keep my mouth shut when things seem to be going really well but the outcome is still in doubt. For example, if I'm watching the Wallabies and they're up against the All Blacks by 12 with 10 minutes to go, I would be the last one to declare it a win any time before the teams have swapped jerseys.

But anyway, last Wednesday night, myself and Sean (that's the Sean-from-Baltimore, not heterosexual-life-partner-Sean) took up the open decks at the Blue Room up in Adams Morgan for a little over an hour. Sean was spinning on the house CD drives, and the two decks in my laptop were plugged in parallel to the house turntables. In theory this gave us six decks to work across - but until and unless this adventure starts paying, neither of us plan on getting a vinyl habit. (They do look marvelously fetching, but chafe badly on the hip pocket nerve).

So one hour, two guys and four decks it was. It basically broke down as Sean spinning 20 minutes, the two of us throwing back and forth to each other for 20 minutes, and me closing out for 20 minutes. Over the hour we moved the groove from Sean's French-flavoured nujazz, downshifted through some ninja lazy lounge, and finally up into some funky breaks with a house foundation. For those that are interested it went something like this:

Rinocerose - La Guitaristic House Organisation
Kruder & Dorfmeister - Spellbound
Koop - Soul for Sahib
Om Records - Om Loo #1
DJ Logic - Black Buddah
9 Lazy 9 - Electric Lazyland
Thievery Corporation - Air Batacuda
Animals on Wheels - Build a Church With Your Fear
James Hardway - My Mental Health
Clifford Gilberto - The 10th Victim
James Lavelle - Fundamental
Plump DJs - The Funk Hits the Fan
b(if)tek - Doctors and Nurses
Galletly - Rock the Break
Plump DJs - Here We Go
Plump DJs - Big Groovy Fucker
Switch vs. McGuyver - Switch 99
Ashley Feraude - Something New

For a first shot in the dark it really couldn't have gone better. As I said I hate to jinx a work in progress, but what we were doing was definitely a step up from most of the other guys on the program, for whom it seemed primarily about getting turntable-time, have a go, and spin their vinyl one after the other. (Which is still cool and all). I say most guys, because there were two other djs we were well impressed by, one of whom built a brilliant progression from start to finish to boot. We had a good chat with the manager, who liked what and how we played, and suggested that regular appearances could have us in mind when a weekend slot opened up. Now sure he might say that to everyone... but what the hell... (stage whisper:) woohoo!

Finally on Saturday night we checked out a Dupont Circle local called Japone, a tiny lounge with perhaps 50 person capacity, in the basement of a Japanese restaurant. The place is WOW due to a beautifully atmospheric fitout. (Although none of the pics at the above link seem to capture that at all... I must put Suzy onto the case while she's here.) Sean and I managed to get a word in the ear of the manager to see if he was looking for DJs... he said that a Wednesday night residency might be in the offing, and that he would be in touch with us this week. I'll keep you all posted...


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