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Friday, January 16, 2004

Sticks and stones

You've seen the hilarious conservative name-calling on Howard Dean -- and his supporters -- in this TV ad. Now check out a funny bugger's satirical liberal slag-ad on the shrub.

You might say that this just shows both sides are heading for the bottom in what will be a very emotional campaign. Someone else might say hang on, the second one is just a parody put on a website and harmless fun, while the Club For Growth has actually spent over $100,000 showing their attack ad on television in Iowa.

I would say: parody or no, the latter is meme-ing its way through inboxes at the moment and will probably hit a larger eyeball audience within a couple of weeks, and furthremore since you can already buy the out-and-proud left wing freak show merchandise, small-l liberals are a little more cock-eyed in their sense of humour. The former will probably just send America's nigiri industry into a yellowtailspin, driving the sushi sweatshops offshore in an attempt to retain their margins, and then how happy will the Club For Growth be?


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