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Sunday, January 11, 2004


Another Xmas goes by a few thousand miles from home. And like last year in PNG, the highest priority of the day was a long long sleep in. In December work was just a little busy, and sometimes the cushy government hours included both 9-5 locally on the US east caost and most of those for the consulate in Hawaii as well.

Washington has been dusted with snow a couple of times in recent weeks, about 6 or 8 inches all up and temps have been hovering around freezing for most of the month. Sadly though DC failed to deliver a white xmas as recent snowfalls were done and dusted by a brief spurt of balmy (10C) daytime weather. Since then we've hit quite a cold snap; this weekend the daytime temps have reached as high as -5C.

Though being away from family at xmas was once again a bit rough, having Suzy onboard the last few weeks has been brilliant. It's all marvellously normal and exceptionally unexceptional. We're still us. Xmas day was one long nap thanks to a Xmas eve roast turkey and cocktail inspired present ripping at around 12.01am. And thanks to the combined efforts of Gra and Ange (not that they would know this) the soundtrack to this Sunday post is Madlib's Blue Note. Lovely stuff. The Plumps' eargasm also rolled in - not bad on a first background listen, not as wildly good as A Plump Night Out though. Going to have to do some more listening I think.


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