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Monday, March 01, 2004

happy leap day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! The first time since I was a tender, innocent 19 year old that the orbital ballet gifted us with an extra twenty four hours to the year. The weather was the warmest of the year, birds were singing, squirrels nutting, and the melodic popping of conservatives' aneurysms over gay marriage brightened the day.

Not wanting to miss this wonderful gift from the universe, I hid myself in dreamland until midday but woke to find the hangover fairy was still sitting next to the bed with his polka-dotted scone-mallet. (Gay marriage I'm fine with -- some of the couples registering out in San Fran have already been together for 50 years. But the fairy mallet and my noggin made a most uncivil union). The rest of the day was spent with the incomprehensively expensive Sunday edition of the New York Times ($4.50), a few litres of orange juice, Lonely Planet: Tokyo, and singing along with the badgers. (Thanks Kaz for the link. Wishing all the best for you and Bec, and hoping for a safe and healthy arrival of Ms You Know Who!)

Correction: Lunch is of course right, 2000 was a leap year, its all those other end-of-century years that aren't leap years. Gosh darned 365.24219 day "tropical" year. Do you think this is proof of a lack of intelligent design in the universe? Or perhaps just an intelligent design passing down the universe assembly line at 4.47pm on a Friday?


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