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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

splinter cells

My my, things certainly are hotting up for Graham and his Neurocam adventures. I hope he keeps in just enough trouble to one day tell us what Neurocam is all about.

I feel perhaps a similar sense of adventure with a new group of disloyalists I've taken up with. Regime change begins at home, but there are some harsh and unjust laws in the USA which mean that only US citizens get the opportunity to vote against miserable failure President Bush. (Although I hear that Attorney General John Ashcroft has a few ideas in the pipeline to put paid to the shameful situation; for him, citizens who vote against a wartime president have a place reserved in the third circle of Gitmo.)

Not only that, it's illegal for a dangerous foreign national like myself to contribute financially to the candidates competing to oust the President. It strikes me that there's a curious lack of balance to this situation, when we've seen the Bush regime just add a third scalp to their belt in three years with Haiti's President Aristide asked ever so politely to step aside to allow an insurgency aligned with former thugs and death squads to run the country as the US and UN send peacekeepers for the second time since 1994.

But I digress. Starting last night I've signed on with the Committee To Redefeat The President in an attempt to effect certain changes upon and within the voting plurality of the United States, and overthrow the current regime in a popular coup d'etat in November this year. Alas, unlike Aristide, it seems they won't depart without a fight. (Remind you of anything? Like, say, the death star? Batman notwithstanding, why does evil always have the cool toys?)

We'll be working on again tonight -- the beginnings of the cellular campaign in both senses of the word. It could get messy, especially when we down tools and beers around 9pm to watch the Super Chooseday results come in. And perhaps a little hoarse.

Update: expecting around 30 operatives to present for duty, over three times that number arrived to make calls, write letters, and register (democratic) voters from pro-democratic zip codes in battleground state Pennsylvania. That's what I call something approaching a smart mob, much unlike the pathetically pointless dadaist nonsense being carried on with last year. Good thing we weren't Neurocam, or we'd have run out of letters to stick on nametags already ;-)


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