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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

the week's big (t)issue

SHOCK AND INCREDULITY. The first Stewart guilty verdict, on the charge of conspiracy, brought an audible gasp. And the palpable sense of shock grew more pronounced with each additional "guilty," the spectators' expressions of surprise ranging from a stunned "No way!" to a smattering of muttered obscenities. The shock seemed only to grow as Cedarbaum finished with the verdicts against Stewart and began reading out the guilty counts against Stewart's ex-broker and co-defendant, Peter Bacanovic.

A couple of journalists actually started crying.
Uh... what?

Excuse me?

How about you harden up, you atrocious blubbering pack of disperspective beagle-eyed twats? You're a disgrace to the fourth estate. No wait - you're a disgrace to the disgraceful elements of the fourth estate!

As you can see, a year in the US has not prevented me from continuing to experience occasional fits of utter dumbfoundment. Listen closely through your screen now - you might just hear the popping echoes of some of my brain cells spontaneously exploding into popcorn. When you're merely slipping between shades of culture, from one flavour of settler Westernality to another, is this how cultural acclimatization transmits? Harmless soundbytes and puffy popnews culture, symbiotic carriers of foreign DNA (Disturbing Nonsensical Anecdotes) that slowly but surely worm their way in until they consume all cognitive dissonance?

Sweet mercy, I think just gained a whole new visceral understanding of the Homer Simpson character.

Fortunate that there are bent people out there who add salt and butter to the popcorn.

Fortunate also that its time for some time out, coming up as follows:

March 13-18: London (play)
March 19-22: Tokyo (play)
March 23-April 5: Canberra (work and play)

Looking forward to catching up with Jaya in Tokyo and bunches of people in Canberra. See you soon.


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