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Friday, April 23, 2004

borders insecurity

Spotted yesterday on the electronic whatsit in the entrance to Borders bookstore in my neighbourhood strip mall, and so quaintly perverse I had to snap a photo.

It spoke volumes to me: Borders, so eager to prevent profit-sapping book theft, they add to all their products something their customers' toddlers may choke upon. Which they then have to warn said customers about to head off the potential financial damage from lawsuits. Bit of a downward spiral don't you think? Further questions also occured to me:

Despite eponymous historical roots, what self respecting Fortune 500 company calls their outfit "borders" in a globalizing "damn the borders" world? And speaking of which, why isn't it mandatory for similar signs to be placed at the entrance to Australia's detention centres, warning of the dangers to kiddies? And would to the hilt privatisation and hopefully subsequent tortious border insecurity of any company who take it on to the extent that the process would implode?


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