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Thursday, April 15, 2004

puppetry of the POTUS

I apologize sincerely and unreservedly to US President Bush for castigating him for not acting upon the threat outlined in the President's Daily Briefing of 6 August, 2001. Why? Well surely it would be unfair of me to slam him over the contents of a brief that HE DIDN'T READ:
Bush, in fact, does not read his PDBs, but has them orally summarized every morning by CIA director George Tenet. President Clinton, by contrast, read them closely and alone, preventing any aides from interpreting what he wanted to know firsthand. He extensively marked up his PDBs, demanding action on this or that, which is almost certainly the reason the Bush administration withheld his memoranda from the 9/11 commission.

"I know he doesn't read," one former Bush National Security Council staffer told me. Several other former NSC staffers corroborated his habit.
You can visualise Tenet in there, can't you?

"Okay Mr President, gather round. Have you had your glass of milk this morning?"

"Yes George."

"Today's story is about a wicked, wicked man-"

"Ooh! I love Saddam stories! Tell the one again about when President Daddy gave him cooties!"

"Now wait, remember Mr President, that story is about the magical golden Kingdom of Kuwaitis, not cooties. And we took that away from nasty Saddam, we didn't give it to him."

"Daddy let Saddam give him cooties?"

"No, no... look, lets move on to today's story. Once upon a time there was an eeeevil magician named Osama, who lived in a cave...."

When you also consider that Bush will appear before the 9/11 Commission with VP Dick Cheney by his side, how much more proof does the world need that the US head of state and commander in chief is a freakin' meat puppet? More importantly, how do you find a way to make the US electorate sit up and take notice of the fact in November?


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