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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

winning the war, at home and afar

Tim Dunlop approvingly quotes Jason Burke writing in Foreign Policy on what is needed to win the war on terror:

That simple fact is something that seems to escaped entirely the mental grasp of the Bush administration and even its allies like the British and Australian governments: "...if countries are to win the war on terror, they must eradicate enemies without creating new ones."
An alternate perspective, or perhaps secondary requirement, is put by Fafblog's Medium Lobster:

A free and unfettered press and a transparent government are elements of the American way of life, which as all truly enlightened beings understand is under attack by Terror itself. In order to preserve truth and freedom, America must win the War on Terror, and to win it America must Stay the Course. And if it is to Stay the Course, its national resolve and morale must not falter. And if its national resolve and morale is not to falter, it must never know that the War is going badly. Hence: America will only win if it ignores the fact that it is losing.
Jokes aside, both statements have a ring of truth to them.


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