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Friday, May 07, 2004

and now for something complete

Recent posts may have indicated that current events -- mostly the responsibility of the famous fived sided building just across the Potomac -- have me doing little else than gesticulating wildly, banging both fists upon the bar counter till the beer ends up on the floor, and swearing at the f&*king newspaper.

That's more or less true, but sometimes I've got half a pair of headphones on while I'm doing it. Here's the tracklist for the often melodic cold fusion jazz altitude lounge demo that Sean and I have just banged into shape and are about to drop on a few people around town.

1 Spam Allstars - Descarga Gusano
2 Dizzy Gillespie – Mantecha [funky low lives remix]
3 Jazzanova – Another New Day
4 Soul Bossa Trio – Words of Love [Re-loved by Jazzanova]
5 Moloko – Time Is Now
6 Soul Central – The Outsiders [live dub]
7 Overtone – Big Mutha [Patillo de la Risa]
8 Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu [Ron Trent Instrumental]
9 Index Id – Schlafphase
10 Jazzanova & Ovasoul7 – Another Fine Day [Docktor Rockit’s Vocal Itch Mix]
11 Tea Dancers – Cosmic Dance Percapella
12 Joshua Collins – Feel It In The Air [Switch Vs McGuyver’s Jackin Mix]
13 Marzebian – Let It Ride
14 Rinocerose – Sublimior
15 Loop Guru – Yayli
16 Simon – Troubled Soul
17 Beanfield – The Season [Swag’s Vocal Mix]

Pretty happy with the output -- this one has slightly less of the warty 'live' cut of the jib than the previous cd that crossed the pacific (in each direction). Probably half the mixes are something to be happy about, almost the other half are passable, and there's one recording glitch in there that had us elbow deep in grease and kilobits for a while.

Each focussed recording session is an invaluable acceleration around the learning curve. What do you call that, centribeatal force? Anyway I'm sure the odd copy of this will make its way over to a few people and places in oz too in the near future.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to mop up the spilt beer, bandage my knuckles, and go and drink a bunch of $2 TEDs.

Update. The $2 beers revolved onwards down to Nation where for the marvellous guest list price of $10, Adam Freeland and Rennie Pilgrem rocked the place hard. Counting the bottle of water and a wind-down vodka late in the night, all up we're talking $17, surely set a new high water mark in fabulousness for the "$20 night out".

Late in the night, Adam Freeland banged out an absolute killer of a track - We Want Your Soul - which if you check out the lyrics you will understand why it just about started a riot there was such a yawping response --

Go back to bed, America - your government is in control again!
Here, watch this, shut up!
You are free to do as we tell you.
You are free to do as we tell you!
I'm sure it goes over well in London too but here it goes ballistic. Plus coming home to find that I had it sitting on my computer on a new as-let unlistened to album of his (Now & Them), I was reminded of a comment by DJ Sean Cusick brought to my attention by Lunch, about the power of contextual experience of music:

"[The cult of the mix CD] deflates the power those tracks would have had if people experienced them the way they were suppose to be experienced first; in a dark club, on drugs, surrounded by naked midgets marching in unison and bathed in lavender scented baby oil... "
Heh. Well while it may not be strictly in the spirit of Mr Cusick's intent, out of sheer and unbridled day long contextual excitement I've mashed up a 5 minute piece of work called Fatty Freeland - We Push Your Soul. Now if I can just figure out how to score a couple of dozen megs of free web data hosting to get it straight to the breakbeat broadbanderati back in oz...


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