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Monday, May 03, 2004

in other news, recruiting rates skyrocket

"There is some much societal pressure on getting a job, getting married, you know, getting ahead. I think there are a lot of gals out there that want to do something for the country, they may or may not support some aspects of foreign policy, but they want to feel like they contribute or make a difference. And this is a fun way to do it, . . . so to speak".
If you think Americans aren't behind (or perhaps beneath) the war effort, then you haven't heard about Operation Take One For The Country. Sure, other rogue powers have their ideological exhortations in this regard (via JB), but surely not this degree of grass-roots support, ha ha.

Meanwhile, women in Iraq have something else on their minds:
Seeing those naked, helpless, hooded men was like being slapped in the face with an ice cold hand. I felt ashamed looking at them- like I was seeing something I shouldn’t be seeing and all I could think was, “I might know one of those faceless men...” I might have passed him in the street or worked with him. I might have bought groceries from one of them or sat through a lecture they gave in college... any of them might be a teacher, gas station attendant or engineer... any one of them might be a father or grandfather... each and every one of them is a son and possibly a brother. And people wonder at what happened in Falloojeh a few weeks ago when those Americans were killed and dragged through the streets...

All anyone can talk about today are those pictures... those terrible pictures. There is so much rage and frustration.
Looks like the recruiters on both sides of the conflict just had their jobs made a whole lot easier.

And its not like the insurgents in Iraq have been having any trouble in that regard. Take a look at the Brookings Institute's Iraq Index, which uses predominantly US government data to attempt to quantify activity in Iraq. Every month, since November, Coalition forces have supposedly killed or captured about 1,000 insurgents. From an estimate of 5,000 active anti-US combatants in December 03, this number had dropped by March 04 to... an estimated 5,000 active anti-US combatants. Meanwhile the average number of attacks on US forces per day doubled, not including the April fracas in Fallujah and Najaf.

Yep. War's goin reeeeal well. Is it time for the US to apply the patented Vietnam-victory solution: declare victory (again) and leave?


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