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Saturday, May 22, 2004

no nipples please, we're British

From The Guardian:

For free-loving Eurocrats, an image of a breastfeeding baby seemed the perfect way to promote the joy of voting in the European elections. But a glimpse of an exposed nipple in the soft-focus advertisement has proved too much for flustered British censors to bear: the image has been cut from the production before it could outrage cinemagoers across the UK.

Rock The Vote really should take a leaf...

It's interesting to observe the way that voluntary voting, and the presidential primary system, tweak the expecations of the non-incumbent candidate. The US system presents no singular Opposition Leader to the public as a foil to the aura of the office of the President. There are key democratic voices - like Congressional Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and her analogue in the Senate, Tom Daschle - but as the Congress in particular rolls over every two years, there is no personal magnet for opposition.

As a result, compared to the sitting president, the non-incumbent has an uphill race in the six to nine months between winning the primaries and the November poll to get his or her supporters to recoginize their face and their platform, let alone get excited enough about to shift off the couch and vote for on a Tuesday night.

By contrast I think Opposition leaders in the Australian system have a much easier run. With voting compulsory and usually 18 months to 3 years in the job before the poll, someone like Latham seems to merely cross a threshold of plausibility - something Crean never did - rather than having to "energize the base" the way a Kerry does.

Nonetheless, I think the key choice dynamic is that voters in both countries vote out a president/government more than voting in a particular replacement. And bless him, Dubya is now marking his lowest approval rating ever.


  • Ireland's pro-European Integration Fine Gael party once used a soft-focus porntastic shot with the slogan "A passion for Europe." Fittingly for a party known as the Blue Shirts after its one-time fascist irregular wing, it ended the election with a severe case of blue balls.

    By Blogger Eoghan, at 6:43 pm  

  • At least you don't have your head up your ass politicaly. A civil tongue is the devil's workshop, it is my duty to inform you that TECHNO SUCKS. TECHNO is NOT music, it is a noise.

    By Blogger pussguzzler, at 10:03 pm  

  • Now see here, if you won't eat your techno there'll be no brussel sprouts for dessert for you.

    By Blogger mister z, at 11:35 pm  

  • in regards to the title... if that is the case then Troy will bomb in the uk... I've not seen that many boy nipples in a movie since coolangatta gold!

    By Blogger lunch, at 11:52 pm  

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