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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Yours truly holds Adam Freeland down and feeds him big macs for a month till he burps like a plump ass dj?

Laughable! Amateurish!

DJ Dangermouse mashes the Beatles' White Album into Jay-Z's Black Album and makes a Grey Album?

Hah! Infantile! Derivative!

This is quite possibly the greatest mashup ever made since (RJ Zog The Caveman accidentally got some wheat grains stuck between his proto-turntables (ok, rocks) back in 14,000BC and accidentally invented flour, which is of course a necessary precursor to) sliced bread.

You don't even have to hear it to know how good it is. How many times can you say that about any kind of music? What am I saying? This isn't music. This transcends music. This is like avant garde young Yves Klein presenting his final monochromal works back in '56 and his art school professors knuckledusting over whether they constituted art. No no, this goes further. Come on, forty years later and hailed guru smartypants Dangermouse still hasn't twigged beyond the multitonal the way Yves did! Call that progressive culture? Crumbs, chief!

Nah, this is perhaps the fourth independent invention of zero in human history. This is copyright's event horizon. This is the intangible intellectual property. This is the null patent. This is the asymptote when you're infinitely closer to the edit; this is the xen, cut: this is the sound of no beats mashing!

This is witnessing a singular moment in history!

(Or not. But after yesterday, have a chuckle!)


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