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Monday, June 28, 2004

foxy lovely, Kitsuné: Midnight

This week's aural exuberance is directed at new CD Kitsuné: Midnight. I hit on some vinyl releases from the French Kitsuné label while in London and was intrigued and took a punt on the newly minted Midnight concept collection. It is...

"...a never monotonous patchwork without any musical orthodoxy. Sexy midnight, dancing midnight, shady midnight, midnight for romance and also midnight for whores and moods. At midnight, everything topples over and cracks, the dead rise and kids want to forget everything in dancing. These are more songs, words and tunes than mere musical gems. Kitsuné Midnight: a balanced vision between indulgence and intransigence, delicacy and obscenity. A sound that is in turn carnal and relaxed and oppressive, sexy, morbid and mournful."

The collection as a whole fools around in the more relaxing end of french disco and post-pop than Dmitri From Paris was laying down last weekend. It smells like mastercrafted peccorino in a world of Kraft cheddar. Eeeeaaoow [Narcoleptic edit] by Freeform Five has me shamelessly and dementedly body rockin to its midtempo postprepostmodern gasping apresdiscosynth. What Time Is It? whispers a seductive enticement to dim the lights. While Hotel 17 by Zongamin is almost too lazy to slide its own guitar licks out of bed the morning after in time to check out.

It is very, very, cool. Go buy it.

Less good on first several listen is re:mix, third and final of the re:jazz series. I picked this up on the strength of it being the vehicle for Jazztronik's remix of Cupid and Orlando which I gushed about last week. I'll stand by that gushing and make no move to call in a plumber, but the rest of the album is weak and bland in comparison. Still, the album drew a strong reaction from one reviewer:

...this CD makes me want to run off and serve espressos in some uber-trendy coffee shop in Berlin and stare at girls with mullets all day.


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