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Friday, June 18, 2004

line in...

via Corrente, we now discover that amongst the 20,000 private mercenaries in Iraq, leaping to the fore with a USD 290 million contract is Aegis Defense Services, headed by Tim Spicer, formerly known as Sandline International, that great pro-democratic force in parts of the South Pacific I'm somewhat familiar with.

Let's look for a moment at the due diligence inherent in the tendering process:

In his bid for the Iraq security contract, Spicer disclosed his military service and said he had done private security work in "Southeast Asia" and "Africa" since 1995. The disclosure gave no further details about what he did there, said an Army spokesman, Maj. Gary C. Tallman. Army contracting officers from Fort Eustis, Va., which vetted the bidders, would not have done a computer search or other search of news accounts on Spicer as part of their review, Tallman said.

Flippin heck. Seriously, people don't go on a first date in this country without googling their prospect. It's in the rules. (Craigslist is the new Rules, girls, have no doubt.) And now we hear the US is ponying up a substantial rounding error in a billion bucks to get into bed with this mob because of the arsefaced ineptitude of archaic Army procurement procedures?

There's an obvious lack of political interference in the contracting process here that would, naturally, have achieved a sounder outcome. After all, the previous Vice President invented the internet, so it stands to reason the current VP has at least heard of google!


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