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Monday, June 21, 2004

phono in

Procreation - Rhythmatism (Compost Records)
Miguel Migs - City Sounds 3 Barcelona (NRK Music/Deluxe Tempo Music)
Little Louie Vega - Elements of Life (MAW Records)

It's choice stuff. The first is a multivite of subtle bite of percussion over syncopelectro. The second is your first drink at 10:57, filling your mouth with expectation of late night flavour. The third is melodic and bright, and in the case of the latinjazz b-side, a smooth-smailing deep breath.

But I don't want to get too attached to these, as I'm sure to mangle the favourite cue points beyond recognition before too long. Instead I'm going to save this weeks #1 rave for Jazztronik's remix of the Viennese trio Aromabar's Cupid and Orlando. This is completely beautiful music. In every bar, the non-fourfloored brokenbeat open collar with a tight and expectant bassline sidles up to the mischievous and spiralling escapade of femmejazz vocals. They make a beautiful couplet. This week I could marry both Cupid and Orlando. Next week, eh, we shall see!


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