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Thursday, June 10, 2004

sliding through the city

...A dozen protesters fronting the Australian Embassy chanting for stolen Timorese oil. Flailing at presence, missing.

...The dc guerilla poetry insurgency, staking claim to Dupont Circle, mesmerising the converted and perverted. No rhymes were massacred during this pro-democratic intervention. (They were greeted as adliberators.)

...Riding into the smog inversion's blood orange sun, across the hundred foot high spans of the Taft Bridge over Rock Creek Park. The city's lungs far below, sucking down the co2, waiting for nightfall to exhale a cool breeze into my windows.

...On the main stage in the Black Cat: the Antibalas afrobeat orchestra. Awesome funk grooves that only a fully loaded horn section can infuse. Flashbacks to Birdseed back in the day, but richer, with tone and tongues and tempo further south. Go pick up Who Is This America. G'own now. When the CD gets to track three, sing along your own "Rumsfeld" response to the call "Indictment."

...A dozen multitudes of Reagan mourners, lined thousand upon thousand in an hours long queue for entrance into the Capitol rotunda when I went past about 11pm. (live video feed inside the Rotunda here. They're changing the guard as I'm writing).

...Picketing the queue nearby, members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka Kansas (yes, that's right, the people who brought you, holding placards such as "Reagan is in hell". When I asked why, it is apparently for his pro-gay (!) stance. Also "thank God for 9/11" - again, for His benevolence in sending America such a merciful but clear message to clean its act up. Also, "God hates America" for good measure. And you thought that only Islamic fundamentalists held that view?

Never a dull moment.


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