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Sunday, June 13, 2004

sounds on sunday

I notice Graham's had a professional encounter with enthusiastic Christians as well lately. It reminds me I didn't round out talking about Thursday night's meeting with members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

If you followed through any of the links about them on my recent post you will see that these people are not your garden variety enthusiastic "love thy neighbour" Christians. They are, quite simply, hate-spewing bigots. If you missed those links, here's another on their perspective on the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepherd in 1998. Here's more the kind of action their rhetoric encourages.

To me the horrors of this group were twofold. First, watching eight year old girls wearing "god hates fags" t-shirts and waving "thank god for 9/11" placards. Unfortunately no imagination is required to see what becomes of these poor souls, because I saw an example of that too. I had an extended conversation with one church member who was a thirtysomething woman. Never in my life have I looked into eyes of such flinty vacancy. I felt like there was no one, absolutely no one in there looking back at me, as her mouth delivered scriptural bile at me, concluding with declarations of my eternal presence in hell. These blue eyes were an appalling glimpse of the mental in fundamentalist.

Thank God for the separation of church and state, eh?

Anyway I digress from the intended purpose of today's entry, which is on a much more cheery note or three.

I've been cleansing my aural of the above with some quite marvellous new tunes. I've been familiar with Monday Michiru for a couple of years now, and have recently added Adoption Agency and a half dozen or so other tracks to my collection, including the above. I'm sure the hunt for more material from her back catalogue will continue. Michiru (and her collaborators, like DJ Krush) simply keep producing world class contemporary jazz and downtempo grooves.

Staying in Japan, after picking up Jazztronik's Nanairo (Seven Colours) while in Tokyo, their 2003 and 2003 albums Set Free and Inner Flight are just as slinky, sophisticated, seductive, compelling. Also on rotation is Hajime Yoshizawa's self titled release. Next purchase in j-beats is going to be some of FLower Records' Far East Easy Listening series over at to scattershot some more artists in the field, but I've spent more than enough for now...

... especially taking into consideration that once I saw Stanton had released the STR8-30B direct drive turntable into the market at a ridiculous USD125 I had one set up at home about four days later. Thank you, amazon free shipping! It's pretty basic, no bells or whistles, but doing the job of training my fingers. The TT is getting a workout with some wax from the Nite Grooves label bought from my friendly local DJ Hut, as well as a double vinyl of Antibalas' first album. When I got the Nite Grooves records home and read the fine print, turned out to be by (surprise, surprise?) Japanese producers, DJ Shingo and Tetsu Shibuya.

Finally, the sounds around town: on Friday night, technomaestro Richie Hawtin dished out some challenging beats down at Nation to a crowd of punters that had somewhat diminished by the time he finally came on to play at 2.30. (Last metro trains run around 2.45... club closes between 4 and 5... first trains run from 8. And there's not an all night cafe in sight down around the warehouse clubs by the Navy Yard.) Tonight I'm off to Baltimore with a couple of friends to check out a few lounges and Dave Seaman at Sonar for a terrific twelve bucks.


  • you know, you'd think someone would have spotted that hole in the market and opened a diner or coffee house that opens all night on the weekend....if they're the only one there they'd make a mint.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:08 am  

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