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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

as jared would say: watch

Seymour Hersh gives the ACLU keynote address. If you have a fat broadband pipe, watch this. (Hersh starts about 1 hr 3 minutes in). If you have a modem, download and watch this instead.  Transcript available here too. I'm not kidding. Watch it. (Links via The Poor Man.)

Don't worry, delectable observations on the pitter patter pointless fancies of the world and the madness of vegas to follow when I coax my brain back into my head after seeing the above speech.

Back in early 2003, I recall very clearly my opinion on the war was inchoate, thus: all I knew was that it was going to go pear shaped in ways that I couldn't foresee, and that far from sufficient consideration had gone into the how and when of the war. I eventually believed the line the world was fed about Iraq's weaponized WMD. Although I still don't buy the idea that a control freak dictator interested only in his own survival would ever pass on such things to rogue Islamist terrorists outside his vice-like command and control apparatus.

Hersh sheets home the self-inflicted damage of the Bush administration at home in the West and abroad; damage to the democratic fundamentals that no foreign fundamentalist could have achieved in a score of years or bombs; damage to our long term security. It's quite sickening. And that's before he starts to talk about an unreleased video from Abu Ghraib of screaming children.


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