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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

in deep in dance day

Its been a busy four days.

On Friday I saw a cardiologist who ran a few tests on me (well, more like I ran the few tests - like a hamster on treadmill) and offered some choice quotes. The first was comforting, accusing me of being "disgustingly healthy"; the second peturbing, upon seeing my bike helmet under the chair: "Oh, you wear a bike helmet. That's great! You'll make an excellent donor one day."

With my scorecard ticked for now, I went along to see the ticked-off: Michael Moore in his Farenheit 9/11. I think its a movie well worth seeing. Moore paints in very broad brush strokes and hints at collusion, rather than proving anything concrete, about W and his family's relationship with the Sauds. The film is transparently polemic and not merely historical; it is very clear that Moore wants viewers to leave with a firm idea of what to do at the ballot box in November. The strongest tuggings however I think come when Moore steps out of the frame (visually and verbally) and lets his subjects speak. Overall though, I don't think its going to help a great deal in delivering the best of all election outcomes (That's 99% to Kerry, 1% to Nader).

Friday night was a marvellously paid 8 hour DJ gig in a bar downtown called Recessions. It was the kind of gig where the precious artistic nujazz and french house took a back seat and requests from happy drunken punters were played and often creatively incorporated into the textureDJs' efforts. For the occasion I premashed Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner with a low riding percussive house warmer Time And Space (Dub) by Full Blown Moon from Coco Soul Records. There's apparently a whole album of remixes of Tom's Diner out there, but none like this one, which is kinda the point. The textureDJs cut is fairly simple and had a cometary tail that reacts well to other melodic sources of sunshine. Another highight was an onthefly workin of some high-pass filtered Cindi Lauper lyrics over a 32beat loop in the midst of When Doves Cry, before dropping them out again to close out the original track. A couple of french, no wait, freedom house tunes did sneak in late in the evening too, and it sounds like the bar owner is going to invite us back when the next big event is on. I think the word is stoked.

Two hours sleep later and at 5am Saturday I was off with a couple of friends to Fire Island (reached by ferry from out on Long Island, NY) for the afternoon. Sun, swim, surf, sand, zzzzz, brilliant. (Watch this space for a photo coming soon.) From there it was back into Manhattan: bar hopping, bargain shopping, fireworks thronging, and more demo dropping throughout the next couple of days before heading back to DC this afternoon (Monday).

Speaking of which, the 4th of July celebrations down on the tip of Manhattan included low overflights of F/A-18 fighter jets and A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack jets followed, after nightfall, by massed multicoloured airburst artillery blasts to wow the crowds on the ground and watching on TV. I imagine many Iraqis are 'celebrating' their sovereignty in a similar fashion?


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