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Friday, July 09, 2004

why do they hate us?

...and our pets?

City authorities in Canberra warned residents yesterday to beware of starving kangaroos bounding through the Australian capital in search of food, following reports that the animals were attacking people and pet dogs.

At the West Falls Church Metro station, a Lhasa apso was set upon by a coyote as the dog was being walked by its owner Monday night. The man was able to protect the dog by throwing rocks at the coyote to scare it off...

Why, why, why? Is it our pets' love of freedom? Is it their cute little wet noses and adoring eyes? Their democracy? Their horrific cock-up of an internventionist foreign policy founded upon the triumph of one-eyed ideological hysteria which has only served to create the conditions for apolcapyptic nightmares without bothering to credibly address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Whatever the reason (and my gut feel says... its their gut feel), I'm reassured that we are a step well above these creatures:

Islamic insurgent groups in Iraq are taking an unexpected step to give an inside view of their terror attacks on Westerners by sharing video not only of the assaults, but also of the planning behind them...

"It's like they are embedding combat camera units, who are there on the front line with them, knowing they are going to have propaganda value in time to come."

Where did they get that ridiculous idea?


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