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Friday, August 20, 2004

cripes cobber

Yesterday my gay Salvadorian cello-playing hairdresser, Santiago, told me that not only do I need to condition more frequently in the summer, but that he thought I was losing my accent.

Bloody drongo, that's the last time I go to him for a cut!

Ahmm. Ahhh. Except he's really good. An' it took me munce to find such a bonza cut in this town... (and of course he has such big strong hands...)

She'll be right. Reckon I'll just download some pirated episodes of "A Country Practice" to listen to in me sleep. Just to be on the safe side a' course, digger matey mate bloke old fella g'day g'day sheila sanger black stump owwzitgaanorrite carn the pize.



  • The pize lost last night to the team that used to be the pize as well before they joined the same league and it was decided there can only ever be one pize.

    This has been a pize update.

    By Blogger Nick, at 4:17 am  

  • Bonza post mate!
    Of course I have the opposite problem.
    I'm slowly losing my American accent.
    The one I gained from years and years of doing nothing but watching American Television.
    Damn Yankee!

    By Blogger Tript, at 5:55 am  

  • who ate all the pize?

    pize are the masses of the opiates!

    no wait, God was a cat wasn't he.

    stands to reason! bloody seppos!


    By Blogger mister z, at 8:09 am  

  • Bloody Oath!

    Cyzilla's turning Yank!

    Well don't that just kick my dunny door down and startle the redbacks.

    By Blogger Graham, at 3:33 am  

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