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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

for whom the polls belle

Despite appearing in the conservative WSJ, Zogby methodology trends it left of median polling results. Nonetheless click through this great short history of the last four months' battleground-state polling and you'll see the idea that I picked up on in a couple of earlier posts. Swingers just don't appear to be greasing themselves up to get back into bed with fusty, frightened, frigid and above all retrosexual George.

On the other hand, in a state of vociferous inebriation around 4am Sunday morning, I accepted a not insubstantial wager on the outcome of the election, the kind of action which I feel a nagging sense of guilt may have well put the mockers on the Beaze back in Oz in 2001. And with an ungodly number of inebriated evenings to get through between now and November, the quantum of the bet, and by extension the level of high jinx, is only going to grow.

So just in case my moment of intoxicated and unbridled cavorating with enthusiasm has buggered this country, and through the potential bonethink neocon foreign policy over the next four years, the world, I'd just like to apologize in advance to humanity in general and John Kerry in particular for putting some readies behind him.

Solipsist? Moi?

So I guess tomorrow night its back to work on the phones with redefeatbush. I may have buggered this but there's still plenty of time to pull it out of the fire!


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