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Thursday, August 19, 2004

a home away from home away from home

In all the excitement about last Saturday night, I forgot to mention what happened on Friday night. You see, thanks to two jars of sake and a jedi mind trick from my partner in crime...

...starting next Wednesday 25 Aug, Texture will commence a weekly residency at Japone ("Ja-po-ney"), deep in the hip hub of DC, Dupont Circle. Japone is a startlingly atmospheric lounge to the newcomer, like the enveloping surprise of diving into a midsummer aquarium. It's a place I've visited on numerous occasions and its a real pleasure to have been invited in. It is full to its small capacity each Friday and Saturday night, but midweek I'm not so sure. I'm sure we can work on that irregardless.

Anyway, we'll be there from 9.30pm till close each Wednesday. Hope you can join us.

While we're at it here's a pic of the downstairs half of Dragonfly where we were last Saturday.


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