mr. zilla goes to town

Sunday, August 15, 2004


in the spirit(s) of intoxicated posting that friends of mine have been all about lately. let me give you this at 5 am.

there is a loungebarsushiclub called dragonfly.. it is part owned by Thievery Corporation. you may have fcccking heard of them, ot not...

after dropping in a demo on fri night, textureDJs got a call up at the last minute for sat nite to fill in & spun 6 hours strauight up all night downstairs. eclectic global nujazz downtempo & melodic house lazy melodic trip over the s.s.s.s.miiiiles

f... ing caned, OMFG. the love from patrons, tha owner, bar staff ("normally this place makes my ears bleed, but not tonight" - high praise indeed), much. indeed this post quite brought to you by all the shots the smiling assassin owner/TC's partner put into me @ the end of the night. many presidnts in the pocket and more shots than charlie heston would give you in the chest. strewth... feeling quite egotript, to used a well-coined phrase...

come aboard. tune in, we'll turn you on. holy good golly gosh damn. i'll post the six hour musical conversation soon...

something more coherent here would be useful I'm sure. ah yes. if you have a fat pipe and want to download texureDJs 'music... on bare skin' here's your link

"oh mother... that's so different from the things the other girls were saying!"


  • Dude!

    Welcome to the intoxicated bloggers club!

    We'll be handing out membership packs later on so that you too will be able to wear your funky beer-mug-upside-down-shaped tie pin.

    Now you just have to learn the secret handshake...

    By Blogger Graham, at 11:15 am  

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