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Monday, August 02, 2004

Lick, Part 2

Nice when you find information, that while still somewhat anecdotal, shows that reality checks with your thinking:

As another barometer, consider Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster who helped plot Newt Gingrich's conservative congressional takeover. Luntz ran a focus group Thursday night, talking to 20 swing voters in the swing state of Ohio, and was stunned by their remarks. They had just watched Kerry's speech, and loved it - to the point where four Bush-leaning voters announced they were switching to Kerry.

"It was one of the strongest positive reactions I've ever seen in a focus group," said Luntz. "Kerry didn't lose anybody. Most importantly, he was able to convince [the Bush defectors] that he is presidential, that he would be tough yet open-minded. They now see him as a credible commander-in-chief."

Bottom line, however, is that the race - aside from being a referendum on Bush and his record - is also a reading on Kerry's qualifications to command. And the first big test has been met; in Frank Luntz's focus group, where 14 of the 20 swing voters supported Bush four years ago, only four are still with the President.

(Via Corrente.)


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