mr. zilla goes to town

Saturday, August 21, 2004


wheels within wheels within wheels! I feel like I'm in a neurocam adventure. But we're now coggin the noggins at the top at the Blue Room. The right kind of callback this week from the capitalists agreeing to pony our suitable financials and we'll become the swirly round peg in a poke kicking off each 1st & 3rd Friday night line up. Tidy tidy tidy. No whammies, no mockers, so maybe maybe is all I'll say now. Still the following is following, and now, bringing their friends. My so fine DC crew, how do you rock so hard?

Bombtrack of the night without a doubt our last, an Defected throwdown of dooshy diesel locomotive house by pohdner Sean, through which the wave of Jazztronik's flighty light seven colours (nanairo) burst like a waterfall upon the swirling girlies... sweet mercy this smoking j-futurejazz is potent...

Tomorrow night, down to Capitol Hill for a private pyjama'ed party performance. DJs in PJs, and no cameras admitted or allowed after 11pm. Oh my.


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