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Monday, August 30, 2004

on the money

So a while back over in the Midday Meal's comments I called the Australian election for early October, right after the football finals were over. Bingo bingo. Alas he's switched from haloscan to blogger comments and my moment of clarity is unlinkable. If a blogger makes a prediction in a defunct comments box, does it make a sound?

So Jared - wanna have a bet again? Or do we share the same opinion? I think the circumstances aren't set against Latham the way they were against Beazley, he has more pullatickin' mojo than the Beaze, and may well just do it. But if I'm right, and the wager is a case of beer again, the postage on sending me some James Squires is gonna hurt...


  • it looks like you were right, a bit of digging has uncovered this

    Your downfall appears to have come about as a result of your obvious ignorance of the date of the NRL grand final which is to be played on the 2nd. A rather larger oversight as this election is likely to be aimed at winning the breeders of western sydney... and they love their league

    By Blogger lunch, at 11:24 pm  

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