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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


It's well overdue for me to mention it, but there are a couple of very fine blogs out there who are linking to the often scrabbling efforts here. These folks really are the solid top order of the ozblogosphere's political First XI. I'm certainly not attempting to replicate the attentive analytical focus, but on the occasions I'm ruminating in the same field I'm certainly aware of the fine fenceline of posts they provide. So on the off chance that you're a more occasional grazer of blogs and haven't checked out the some of the links on the right, in the run up to the Australian election you really should check out Road To Surfdom, Troppo Armadillo, Southerly Buster, Back Pages and Blogorrhoea. Cheers all.

While going around the grounds there's a good pictoral introduction to the Australian political scene by Bob Ellis stalker Ms Fits at Reasons You Will Hate Me. Thanks Lisa for the link. Another fairly recent discovery Darp is worth checking in on, even if he has dropped to the subtitle his Disney-powered satellite-aligning rotational prayer rug. (Presumably in a Meryl Streep-like method performance to align his chakras with the downtrodden hope-less romper stomper wannabes he's serving it to this week.)


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