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Monday, August 09, 2004

we have ignition

On Saturday night Texture played an early set upstairs at the Blue Room, jamming out some fat proggy tunes, some sweet Japanese future jazz and some straight-up kick arse, dark and dirty 21st century disco shit to a packed venue. And here's a bombshell breakthrough of its own: we've got an invitation to come back for further sets any day and any time we want. F*cking sweet, just the kind of thing we've been waiting to hear. I'd like to say that it was only because the club manager was awed by the power and beauty of the set we played, but its more to do with the fact that we brought sixty people through the door with us who wanted to hear us spin and spend a lot of money at the bar. Its just the way the world works, but what the hell, it's a win-win-win situation for all involved. Long and loud shout outs must go to #1 stand up guy Jeff, defacto booking agent for the evening, who pulled it all together.

The highlight of the night musicwise was the goddamn babykilling arseshaking live mashup I nutted out on Saturday afternoon with working title of Quand Les Colombes Pleurent, unless someone out there can correct me or offer some tighter French. It's dirty, its dark, its French, its Prince, it educates children. I'll record it and get it onto the web or into a few email boxes in the next couple of days. Sing out if you want one and where.

Rehearsals also continued on the weekend with Digimondo, the latin jazz ensemble that I've just hooked up with. DJ partner Sean is onboard is well and once his new laptop is traktorized we'll be throwing twice the loop and sample mayhem down as grooves for a bunch of seriously talented musicians. Those gigs to start as well in a month or so.

So yeah, life's good, Polynesian nuclear armageddon notwithstanding.


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