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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

around the world in 80 seconds

A possible cross-cultural preview of the Edwards-Cheney bout this evening? Though I suspect once translated into the American geist, what we will actually see is a disqualification as Cheney attempts to bite Smiling John's ear off in a clinch in the third round. Elsewhere Tim Dunlop imagines at the debate through a Tolkien lens.

Choose your flavour of supaa sushi racer on this Italian site and drive it around the kaitenzushi race course! Uh-oh! Watch out for the fugu and soy sauce spills!

Here at muppet labs, excuse me, I mean mr zilla goes, we rarely endorse anything apart from our own creative juices (soon to be sold on Ebay for $14.95 a gallon) and the aural aphrodisiacs needed to create sufficient excitement to excrete such. But Threadless seems to be a half decent t-shirt site, with cool designs that cane ubiquitous urban hipster joint Urban Outfitters into last century. Better prices too - the pseudo retro tripe at UO generally go for $25+, these are $10-15. Here's one I've just impulse bought. If you dig 'em too, tell them I sent you and I get $3.00 off a next purchase! And isn't that worth every penny?


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