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Saturday, October 02, 2004

blauer lebensraum

Last night the textureDJs were at work in the newly refurbished first floor bar of the Blue Room. The upshot of both rooms now being open again is that instead of an early 9-11pm slot upstairs we had the whole night (9.30ish-2ish) to musically seduce the martinirati.

Blue room, I saw you standing alone... without a beat in your heart... &c...

It seems like this will continue to be a regular arrangement too - first and third Fridays at this stage, and perhaps weekly as the crowd rediscovers the place as the rooftop bars start to close down with the cooling weather. The audio arrangements downstairs are much nicer too, there's a brand new vestax mixer and the speakers are well placed down the length of the room to provide balanced coverage without having to make it too loud anywhere to fill all the corners.
Since I didn't want to be hopping up and down the whole night, Sean and I weren't doing our usual 2-track-tag-ins but alternated hourly sets. (And yet after an hour standing on one foot I had massive cramps in that non-fractured foot... oh how I suffer for my art! Cue violins, etc) Anyway here's a tracklist for my first stint:

DJ Matsuoka - Piano Objective 3
Life - Soalheira
Spam Allstars - Mucha Nota
Freakniks - Kalimba (Flute Mix)
Rinocerose - Le Mobilier
Jay Dee / MJ Cole / Nova Casper - Sincere (Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Remix)
Vision - Ponger Star
Mark Farina - To Do (Kaskade Remix)
Lacquer Channel - X
SFB feat. REM - Abusing My Religion
DJ T - Philly
Echo - Where's Eddie?
Shakedown - Love Games

Clever me forgot my camera again so I'll put up a pic or two of the new look next time we're in. And here's the second set starting about an hour later.

Joshua Collins - Feel it in the Air (Switch vs McGuyver Jackin Mix)
Peptide Bass - Drumscape
Marzebian - Let It Ride
Kyoto Jazz Massive - Kudu (Eddie Henderson)
Jas - Hitchhiking (Streetlife Originals "Message To The People" Dub)
Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies
Aromabar - Cupid and Orlando (Jazztronik remix)
Jafrosax feat. Vikter Duplaix - In The Morning (Jazztronik re:edit)
Puddu Varano - Running With The Devil
Kriece & Switch vs McGuyver - Not From Around Here
Rasoul & McCarthy / Shanan - Let Me Love You (San Francisco Dub Slide)
textureDJs - Quand Les Colombes Pleurant
Soul Central - The Catalyst
Ashley Feraude - For My Own Sake (Nectar Mix)
Jazztronik - Houou ("Phoenix")
Chicken Lips / Zeefungk - Hey What You Doin? (Triangle Re-Rub)

You can tell I've had a couple of drinks during the intermission as Jazztronik gets on the scoreboard three times in there during the hour. When I get excited I play J. a lot :) So very, very fine, I bless the day I almost accidentally chanced upon one of his CDs while I was in Tokyo earlier this year; Graham's Mysterious Universal Powers™ must have been looking out for me. In fact I'm now listening to my latest very recent acquisition of Ryota Nozaki's talent - Tender Vision, a 2001 collection of two originals and eight remixes of Jazztronik tracks I have on other albums. Smooth as a brazilian babe's bikini line. S'marvellous.

Update: I have a recorded a mixfile of the first hour above... will get it uploaded tomorrow AM for your downloading pleasure.


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