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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

callow's humour

Although my vote goes postal from here so won't show in any booth tallies, can I give a shout out to my old polling booth in Canberra, Ainslie primary school in Fraser.

Suffering slightly less than the national average swing against him, Bad Boy Bobby still smashed the seventy percent mark on the two party preferred. Stuff the forests, why weren't more ALP candidates wooing Greens voters with promises to protect birdlife biodiversity by gladwrapping Australia's cats? Come to think of it, why weren't they wooing Liberal voters (you know, the ones you really need to win over to actually WIN THE ELECTION) with promises of gladwrapping Australia's Greens? Not to mention the boon such policies would be to the drought ravaged cling-plastic farmers of Mildura!

And to add some more mirth to the mourning, Fraser's Socialist Alliance candidate James Vassilopoulos fell just short of tying it up with the Democrat candidate by only two votes, 45 to 43. Gadzooks, there's hope for the Democrats yet! (Although down at the famous Wreck Bay, the Democrat picked up a fat zero votes and the Socialista nearly trounced the Liberal, going short by just two votes, 4-2.)

Mind you, put McBob's forty point pummeling of the hapless Adam Giles together with Comrade James scoring the highest socialist vote in any Australian electorate and it makes me wonder if I've been living in a different country a lot longer than the last two years.

Sigh... we're proper f**ked...

Noose! I mean, nurse! Fetch the Haagen-daas!


  • Hey, I voted in that very same polling booth. Would rather have been in (or near) Wreck Bay however...

    By Blogger Nick, at 3:24 am  

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