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Saturday, October 23, 2004

dang and blast

I am watching funny cat videos to cheer myself up. Tell you why later.

Continued... Ok so the annoyance stems from a gig at the 18th Street Lounge last night (Saturday) that didn't happen. ESL is the mecca for quality music in the DC lounge scene. Through our work across the street at Dragonfly we had the right in, booked a farewell party for yours truly in the top floor lounge, booked ourselves to spin at it of course, and to put about fourteen inches of icing on the cake, to accompany Sean and myself on the decks I lined up three of the guys from my side-project latinjazz ensemble (Digimundo) to come in and solo/accompany throughout the set on congas, flute & guitar. It was going to go off like a frog in a sock...

All lined up and ready to roll until Friday night we find out that the events manager hadn't told the club manager/joint owner a thing about it, it wasn't on the club's calendar, so the owner/manager jacked up in a nasty way and 24 hours out the whole thing just about got thrown in the can.

Fortunately ruffled feathers were smoothed to some degree, and the event did go ahead sans the performance aspect as there was a partial clash with another band already booked. While the disappointment was intense for a while I'm a pretty silver lining kind of person and it was a great night regardless. And while not spinning live we did pump textureDJs mix CDs through the top floor of ESL for the first two hours of the party, and I had the time to get around and chat more to all the fantastic people I've met while in DC.

Today thanks to the stellar Chris G. I get to nurse my hangover over a signed copy of Jon Stewart's America: The Book, so all is well with the world.


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