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Sunday, October 10, 2004

family thirst

Adding insult to injury it appears that an evangelical Christian conservative is set to hold the balance of power in the Senate thanks to the ALP and the Democrats preferencing away from the Greens in Victoria. I can't see this as a fire and brimstone death knell for secular government though after all those years of Harradine, but I wonder how this period ahead will shape up compared to those. Here are a few bits and pieces from their online policy statements.

On treaties: "The Australian Parliament should always be carefully to examine the merits of particular treaties with consideration of the benefits and costs to Australian Families and the preservation of our Judeo- Christian Foundations. Parliament should also have regard to the benefits and costs to families in the other country or countries." Erm...we must preserve the state of Israel while having regard for (that is, looking occasionally over the fence) at the squalor in Gaza?

On pornography: "Family First will work to achieve Government commitment to establish a Mandatory Filtering Scheme at the ISP Server Level in this country. Family First will propose that once set up, this scheme will be funded through a levy system so as to spread ongoing costs equitably amongst all end users. Family First expects this levy would be of the order of between $7 and $10 annually per end user."
We must all pay more, have less content, and send Family First parliamentarians on fact-finding missions to China to see how its done.

Some of their refugee platform doesn't appear to be awful though: "Family First sees the promotion of social, economic and political justice as integral to our global responsibilities and integral to removing the causes of the war and the displacement of peoples and will champion a substantial increase in the level of Australian overseas aid." It also goes on to support reform of all detention centres back into public control in locations readily accessible to community, medical and legal consultations.

However the kicker for me is this kind of language elsewhere in the platform: "
Marriage between a man and a women is the surest approach to the establishment of stable family life and is therefore worthy of positive support and promotion by government and society" and at the heart of the documentation, front and centre on page 1, is: "Family grows out of heterosexual relationships between men and women. Family life flourishes when couples strive for stable commitment to sexual fidelity to each other."

Got that, sole parents? Go forth and f**k yourself. As for you hell-bound gays and lesbians, well we believe marriage is just so bloody fantastically tops and beneficial to humanity we're not gonna let you have any of it. And finally for you homosexual refugees afeared of persecution in your fundamentalist homelands on that basis... well come on in, you'll feel right at home!


  • yup, the same party that had a 'voulenteer' say "Lesbians are witches and should be burned." Surprisingly enough, he was sacked.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:34 am  

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