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Sunday, October 03, 2004

feeling blue?

textureDJs present The New Blue Room, a mixup that was first laid down at the Blue Room on Friday 1 October and mastered in the textureDJs' Woodley Park studio over the weekend. It's available through this link for you to download but only until 10 October. Don't miss out!

What's this latest touch of texture like? The short version:

The New Blue Room is a mostly mellow marriage of nujazz and deep house, but with both parties flagrantly pursuing scandalous affairs on the side. It is an eclectic collective of beats that murder loungebar boredom; its a thriller that will thoroughly seduce you in the groove, leave you ready to light up, before making you gasp again in a killer coda. It finds flavours from four continents. It's sixty minutes of rhythm and melody. Its singing girlies and a whole lotta saucy geetar!

The long version: The sun has just set sail over the horizon, the lights are lowering, and as you step into the the Blue Room the music is mixed, chilled and ready to pour. Starting with some intriguing jazz piano and bass courtesy of DJ Matsuoka, you slide into your seat to the languid latin vocals of Mondo Grosso's Vida Soalheira. But you're lifted into a percussive posture as the crowd begins to swell, courtesy of Miami's talented nine-piece the Spam Allstars, before relaxing you back into the Freakniks' flautist-flaunting Kalimba as another drink arrives. Following on in this style but adding their guitaristas to the flute, and teasing the set briefly into a house beat, are the mischievous French group Rinocerose. The textured ambience stays fresh and eclectic as german nujazz ninjas Jazzanova sincerely syncopate the darkening sky until out the window your ears discern the first six-string twinkle of Ponger Star.

The lazy licks continue as post-punk Zongamin wanders through the door, late as usual, with a riff like a gallic shrug and drag on a drooping cigarette. He sits down with Kriece, Switch and McGuyver (who, from their accents, are clearly Not From Around Here) and, from what you overhear in their track as the tempo twitches upwards, he is obviously a bad influence in the best possible way.

Now deep in the heart of the mix, Kaskade and Mark Farina are busting out and saxing up the dancefloor. And speaking of which, what follows is a disco-clash, x-rated lament by Lacquer Channel before Michael Stipe (yes, the guy in the corner down on the floor looking for something) and his latest floozy SFB grab your attention with a fantastic electro bassline added to that instantly recognizeable mandolin.

To accompany the nostalgic not-quite-disco trip, in the next booth DJ T is having a tryst with the treble on an old school roller that drives the beat back, back, back... all the way to fabulous fat sixties funk of Echo, who are reprising Quincy Jones and asking around, Where's Eddie? Eddie is eventually found, he's suitably entangled with another foxy piece of techy French housemaid mayhem to bring about a strobing climax to the evening.

Are you sold yet? :) Download before the deadline to avoid certain disappointment :-)

(Here is the tracklist as recorded - I slipped two extra tracks to the live playlist in the middle there to round it out to right on 60 minutes.)

1. DJ Matsuoka - Piano Objective 3
2. Life Vida Soalheira
3. Spam Allstars - Mucha Nota
4. Freakniks - Kalimba (Flute Mix)
5. Rinocerose - Le Mobilier
6. Jay Dee / MJ Cole / Nova Casper - Sincere (Jazzanova Sincerely Yours Remix)
7. Vision - Ponger Star
8. Zongamin - Hotel 17
9. Kriece & Switch vs McGuyver - Not From Around Here
10. Mark Farina - To Do (Kaskade Remix)
11. Lacquer Channel - X
12. SFB feat. REM - Abusing My Religion
13. DJ T - Philly
14 .Echo - Where's Eddie?
15. Shakedown - Love Games

If you download it, would love to hear your reponse!


  • Downloading now... Listening, contemplation, critical assessment, and feedback to follow...

    By Blogger Graham, at 10:28 pm  

  • cheers mate! I am moving from the post-completion excitement high into the re-critical re-listen(s) but it will all be wood vs trees for a few more days. Looking forward to your fresh ears and discerning pespective.

    By Blogger mister z, at 4:30 am  

  • With my 28k modem, it would probably take until 10th November to download.... I'll wait for the vinyl version!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 am  

  • shoot me an email mr/ms anonymous... might be able to send you a CD

    By Blogger mister z, at 6:44 pm  

  • Cynan can you send me this in some form... it wouldn't let me download... and I can't not have the latest and greatest blue room set for my listening pleasure :)

    Sam :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 am  

  • thanks for playing our tunes!! downloaded the set, sounds awesome !!

    Switch & McGuyver

    By Blogger switch, at 9:32 am  

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