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Friday, October 01, 2004

four more years

George was the first guy I called when my septic system backed up a few days ago. I knew when I called him that he didn't know much about septic systems--or any kind of home repair for that matter--but I like him because he's folksy and personable and reminds me a lot of myself.

Jesus' General gives us the go-to rundown of the case for re-electing W. Read on.

Now... granted that the debate finished at 10:30pm and newspapers have deadlines and whatnot. But as I hobbled past the newspaper dispensers out the front of the apartment building this morning, vainly search for an inflatable ankle cast at the pharmacy a few doors down, I noticed that most of the day-after-debate newspapers' headlines seem to be caught up with the surprise at the notion that a debate took place at the debate, and that differences of opinion and perspective were exchanged.

This difference was real in the debate hall but ultimately deceptive.

I recognize and respect the way that Kerry talks the talk but if I can be so bold as to look past the election to a potential Kerry victory, shit ain't going nowhere but uphill slowly.

Kerry is right to hammer Bush for the failure to lead a legitimate global coalition into Iraq. (Bushie should have taken the hint that one wouldn't follow him). And I think people like the French will bend some way to assist a new President Kerry by dropping resources and even some number of troops into "the situation". But there is nowhere to be found the type of euro troop numbers to significantly staunch the American blood flowing in Iraq - let alone the Iraqi blood. In his zeal to win the election I have no doubt that Kerry is setting himself up to fail to meet many of his supporters doey-eyed expectations about the future. Blaming it on Bush will work for a while, but leftist Democrats (as opposed to Bush-lite Lieberman Dems) here had better grit their teeth and cast that vote for more of the same with their eyes wired open.


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