mr. zilla goes to town

Sunday, October 31, 2004


On friday I posted an email from another non-unitedstatesian here in DC encouraging his US friends here in DC to vote, and in particular vote for Kerry.

By the by I've been wandering the streets of Northern Virginia and DC most of the halloween weekend in the scariest costume I could think of - a fetching "Mission Accomplished" style flight suit and George W Bush mask. Leaping out of alleyways, occupying a number of sovereign house parties in the name of freedom, liberating beer bottles from their baath-of-ice oppressive tortures. And these recuperative ales have been quite necessary after all the attacks from vampires in the last two days. Hmm, you'd think Bush isn't too popular in these parts.

But of course the most dirty trick in the campaign handbook was played after crossing paths with my fine young daughers Jenna and Barbara. I only hope that whoever took the incriminating Electra-complex fauxtographs gets them to the Washington Post (perhaps via Wonkette) in time to turn a few stomachs in swing states by Tuesday...


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