mr. zilla goes to town

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

L + O + V + E

the right hand, friend, the hand of love:

i LOVE the $0.15 buffalo wings

i LOVE the eritrean cab drivers (and their shout outs to Fred Hollows)

i LOVE the 93 drag queens that race down 17th St NW in front of a couple thousand people on the Tuesday before halloween

i LOVE the texan-korean Kerry supporting army brats who buy you jaegermeister shots

It's love that won. And old left hand hate is, well, on the ropes, if not down for the count.

god BLESS america? too soon to endorse. ask me next tuesday night. but sox up 3-0 in a world series? holy good goddamn. cross your fingers and squeeze the entrails.


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