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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Some results from the major news websites of the online polls on who won the second Bush-Kerry debate. I think they're telling. I assume that partisans from both camps are out there stacking the votes just as hard as they can and therefore cancel each other out. Nonetheless, results at 2am EST:

CNN: Kerry 77%, Bush 23%
Fox: Kerry 50%, Bush 50%
MSNBC: Kerry 68%, Bush 32%

Oh please, when even the mob of Fockheads can only manage to give it to their man 50/50 you know the post-punchup spin is gonna come out tinged with frothing urgency. "Bush performed far better than he has in recent press conferences (not that there have been that many). The town hall format suits him and he appeared somewhat looser than in the first debate. But that may have cost him too. He often seemed peevish – a distinctly unpresidential adjective – and a few times he was downright snippy."

Bush was better than his awful performance last time, but despite one bizarre reference to a timber company Bush owned(??) was out in front of the game as well. For all that Howard is a complete muppet, at least he's veen running on his economic record. Bush is running on his continued fight against all America's enemies - real AND imagined - rather than providing any consistent defence of his record and term in office.

A line I heard earlier today: "Of the four candidates we've seen in the debates, Bush is coming a convincing fourth so far..."

In other election news, this is a depressing agglomeration of poll results. It doesn't look good and I in honesty I can't maintain the cheery optimism of Surfdom or back pages. (That won't stop me having champas for breakfast in a few hours if it comes off... and something much stiffer if it don't.)


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