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Friday, October 29, 2004

take a deep breath

Its four days till the polls open and tonight I scheduled the night to crash early and catch up on sleep. Next thing you know you get distracted sorting out some issues with uploads to internet radio (still in the coming soon basket) and there's still a blog post in trying to scratch its way out before bedtime.

When you can neither vote nor contribute financially, nor do more than slowly get around on a still-dicky ankle, it's like being in the eye of the hurricane here, watching as the tornadic winds spin, spin, spin just inches away from your face. Is the WPost tracking poll up yet? No its only 4:58. Where are the battlegrounds today? Where are they going to be on Tuesday night? Will we be able to smuggle booze to within 200ft of the white house should the need for champagne popping - or effigy burning - arise? Electoral-vote always goes for the latest, pollkatz drags the moving average chain, but what happens when no one is answering the phone?

There is no objective media. There is no objective polling. Allegations that there is no objective polling are just spin. Your choice of conservative or liberal media watchdog reports on the punditry discoursing on the alleged crimes of the liberal media/right wing conspiracy and the lawerly legions of doom each are assembling for the post count courtside smack down.

(We do all agree that no one knows where the hell a certain 380 tonnes of explosives are now. Although the IAEA had a real good idea up until 18 months ago. Just so we're clear on that. And here is throw-away-the-key proof they weren't taken away by the Russians like the fucktard Moonie times shamelessly propagandized this morning)

Kerry does appear to be slightly lagging pollwise, and assuming thats accurate overall the dems seem to be pinning the result on the received wisdom that undecideds break 2:1 to the challenger for an eventual win in the electoral college count. This chart over at Daily Kos unfortunately doesn't seem to be reflecting that, with the split of previously-undecideds going Kerry's way only around 55:45. Not good enough in some states, that.

But polls, schmolls... earlier in the week Kerry and Clinton pulled 100,000 onto the streets in Philly and today it was Kerry and Springsteen pulling over 80,000 in Madison Wisconsin. These are free for all comers; compare and contrast with Bush's tightly controlled Leni Reifenstal affairs where disloyal clothing - that is, even clothing bearing the words "protect our civil liberties" -- is deemed "obscene" and grounds for refused entry or immediate ejection. Giant crowds versus repulsive cowardice unworthy of the democratic tradition of this country - and the GOP for that matter. Can we hope for victory? Can we NOT?

Deep breath. Good night's sleep. Last night a bloody lunar eclipse over a Bosox victory for the ages. This weekend, Halloween. (Monday night: the Melbourne Cup!) and then Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.


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